Junior Corner

Juniors are the future of ASCA and the Australian Shepherd so here is what our Past (sniff sniff...they grow so fast) Juniors have been up to!



Heather Borde

Career highlights:

Three Time All-Around Junior, 2003 Junior Service award winner, Multiple Most Versatile Junior wins (undefeated OASC) including 2006 Nationals, 2005 Nationals Reserve Junior Handler, 500 Club member, first WTCh at 16, first VCh at 18; multiple  HIT J Obedience, High Working Junior, High Working Junior, and Best Juniors including at multiple Nationals and Pre-Shows.

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      The ASCA Junior program is a great way to get started in dogs.  You learn so much from the experiences you have, and it allows you to get to know the different venues open to you and your dog while strengthening your bond.  The ASCA Junior program allows Juniors to learn about the Australian Shepherd and everything that comes with this wonderful breed.  Growing up with the knowledge gained helps make breeding the better Aussie a very reachable goal and ensures that there will always be someone to carry our breed to the next level of excellence.  Keep trailing/showing, and never be afraid to try new things; it can only make you and your dog better.

     My first time in the ring was as a pee-wee when I was two months old.  Mom pushed me in a stroller and I had a stuffed pound puppy on the end of the lead.  My last time as a Junior I went Best Junior Hander (the picture with Ty is the same day) .  The experiences I had and memories they produced in between those dates are irreplaceable and I am very thankful to have experienced it.  I have continued to show/trial throughout my undergrad career at University of Wisconsin River Falls and earned Ty's VCH/WTCH , Smoke's WTCH (just after Vet school started) while in school.  I also finished 3 conformation champions and put 9pts on another  dog for Marie Murphy AND have been training WTCH ASCA Ch/AKC Grand Ch Buffcap Winter Rose  on Stock, earning her WTCH, OFTDs and RTDc (one leg AFTDs/OFTDd) so far.  The dogs that helped me through a majority of my Juniors career are now retired (and deservedly so) . 

I started Veterinary Medical School at UW Madison fall of 2011 so I expect my participation in shows will be limited for a while but I will be around for the next couple summers at least;-)  I hope to start Smoke and Ty in tracking so that I have a little big of study relief!


~ Heather Borde and the gang

Sara Borde

PICTURES and BIO coming Soon!

OK so Sara is slackin on getting what she wants put up here so I will put something up for her

2003 ASCA nationals

2005 ASCA Nationals- 3rd place open Sr.,

2006 ASCA Nationals- High Working Junior  (kickin bigs sis's bum plus some others!)

Sara graduated High School as Valedictorian of her class spring of 2010 and started her undergraduate career at UW Stevens Point fall of 2010.  She is currently majoring in Biology and hopes to obtain a Masters degree in Zoology from UW Madison after that.  As a Junior, Sara had a successful career in the stock arena with multiple dogs.  She was an overall High Score Junior Winner multiple years.  Although she has never enjoyed showing conformation, she took 3rd in Open Sr at the 2005 Nationals in a class of 20+ right behind long-time friend Katie Kupfer (BJH), and sister Heather (RJH).  Katie's sister Kelli was 4th in the class, creating a class sweep for the region 4 girls!  Sara is also an AMAZING ring-side groomer and can get the dogs looking absolutely amazing with every hair in place....it just takes a bit of bribing to get her to do it;-) Sara is planning on working her new "puppy" Quil for her stock titles.  Look fo rthem in the arena soon!!!!

Please see The Nationals and Aussie Times Ads pages for more info!