Aussie Times Ads


Most of these ads were placed for free as awards for winning All-Around.  ASCA has this program set up as incentive

for Juniors but many do not know about or take advantage of get out their and work your dogs!

Free ad for winning Above and Beyond Junior in 2003

January-February 2004 Aussie Times

Page 3&4 (accompanied by nomination letter)

Also see pages 122 (junior showcase) and 131

Free ad for winning 2003 All-Around Junior

January-February 2004 Aussie Times

Fee Ad for winning 2004 All-Around Junior

January-February 2005 Aussie Times

Oreo's Working Trial Championship Ad

? 2007 Aussie Times

Free ad for winning 2006 All-Around Junior

March-April 2007 Aussie Times

Page 5 also see Junior Showcase page 111, Nationals results pages 153, 155,157


? 2007 Aussie Times

This spread was donated by Cindy King to the participants in Most Versatile Junior at Nationals and the winners of the Working Junior Awards.


Thank you Cindy!

January-February 2008 Issue...

Oreo's Versatility Championship Ad!  The one Heather paid for herself.