VCh WTCh Ch Diamond Aire Midnite Smoke


(1 leg AFTDd, OFTDc)


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HOF VCH WTCh Ch Legends Boomvang  CD  RS-N/O JS-N/O GS-O DNA-VP (Pulley) x  HOF WTCh Ch Diamond Aire Midnite Mystique CD RTDs DNA-VP (Midge)

Standing at Stud to approved bitches with appropriate health clearances and quality.  References required.

Pedigree:  Link is broken, we are working on updating and adding photographs.  His pedigree is available on the Aussieboard pedigree database for right now.


Smoke’s Stats:

DOB: 2/25/06 (ASCA/AKC/UKC registered)
Size: 21.5inches/45lbs
Sex: Male
Full Dentition / Scissors bite/Natural Ears
Coat: DARK black tri
Hips/Elbows: Excellent/Normal
Eyes Cleared:  10/13  MDR-1 Normal/Normal Hereditary Cataract CLEAR

Pedigree Analysis Available Upon Request


Big thank you to Marie Murphy of Diamond Aire  for letting us take this exceptional boy.  This young guy draws attention wherever he goes and we have never heard so many people comment on a puppy and try to steal him away:-) He is jet black with very little copper and only a small snip of white up his face.   His full collar combined with his dark face gives him a very sharp appearance and his clean structure doesn’t let you down.  We can't wait to see what he has in store.  Everyone he meets says there is just something about him that is special and we agree.  He has a bright future.  In March of 2007 he took back to back 3pt major Reserves then at the next show two weeks later he took WD/BOW for a 5pt major over a very large entry.  RRVASC has one of the highest point schedules in the nation.  Thank you Breeder Judge Kim Golden of Zuzax for this win!  Then in June at the OASC shows he was undefeated as a class dog and took home 3 majors to finish his CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Smoke has been specialed on occasion but we tend to focus on performance.   He also enjoys swimming and fit into the sled team smoothly (his first time in harness actually).  He is an old, wise soul and people that meet him have often said he isn't a dog, he is a person trapped in a fur coat.




3/17/07 WD/BOW 5pts under SBJ Kim Golden

  6/8/07 WD 3pts SBJ Wendy Sommers

6/9/07 WD/BOW 4pts under SBJ Jonna Cole

New Champion at 15 months old! WD  and considered for BOB 4pts under  AKC judge Larry Mackie


On the move spring May 2007



Uffda!  Not the best working shot but it is pretty amazing...luckily it missed him

Courtesty Keechak Photography

Farm Trial photos by Keechak Photography


Smoke and one of his many fans...Heather's boss! 3/3 to finish his Ch at 15 months Smokes favorite pastime...cuddling!


Smoke on Lake Michigan 8/08


Most Promising Started Aussie both days at OASC Stocktrial for his stock debut! Thank you Steve Shope and Tony Padgett

And after the winter off....

Earning his OTDdsc at the June '09 OASC trial with scores including a 114 and 107 in ducks that earned him High Duck/HIT aussie/HIT/High Combined Non-WTCH/High Combined WTCH on Saturday under Dana McKenzie and Russ Ford


Smoke and his brother "Ice" placed their dam Midge in the HOF, both finishing their WTCH and Ch.

Midge is 13 years old in these pictures and sassy as can be;-)

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Smoke’s Show/ Trial Results:









Sarah Sawyer(UKC)

RWD to major





RWD to major




BJ Kim Golden





SBJ Wendy Sommers





SBJ Jonna Cole





Larry Mackie (AKC)

WD -considered for BOB

4pts New Champion @ 15 months!

5/08 RRVASC 1st CD leg
8/23/08 OASC Steve Shope 82/Most Promising Started Aussie 1st STDc leg
8/23/08 OASC Steve Shope 72/4th 1st STDd leg
8/24/08 OASC Tony Padgett 91/Most Promising Started Aussie STDc
8/24/08 OASC Tony Padgett 85/2nd STDd
8/24/08 OASC Steve Shope 80.5/1st 1st STDs leg
9/27/08 RRVASC Becky Beckman 74 STDs
9/27/08 RRVASC SBJ Ann DeChant BOS (5 other specials)


10/18/08 RRVASC 2nd CD leg
10/19/08 RRVASC CD
6/13/09 OASC Dana McKenzie 114 HIT/High Combined ect... 1st OTDd leg
6/13/09 OASC Dana McKenzie 89/2nd 1st OTDc leg
6/13/09 OASC Russ Ford 92/2nd 1st OTDs leg
6/14/09 OASC Russ Ford 107/1st OTDd
6/14/09 OASC Russ Ford 90/? OTDc
6/14/09 OASC Dana McKenzie 98.5/1st OTDs
8/21/09 OASC Tanya Wheeler 3rd RTDc
8/22/09 OASC Russ Ford 1st ATDs leg
8/23/09 OASC Ken Silviera ATDs
6/11/10 OASC Mike Trembley 102 1st ATDd leg
6/12/10 OASC Dana McKenzie 105 ATDd
7/23/10 UMASC Tony Padgett High Combined 2nd place OFTDs/4th OFTDd 1st OFTDd & s legs
8/21/10 OASC Roy Sage 96 1st ATDc leg (ONE TO GO!!)
9/2010 RRVASC Marti Parrish OFTDs
7/11 TDASC Tanya Wheeler 2nd first AFTDs leg
7/11 UMASC Maartin Walter 118/HIT OFTDd
10/23/11 UMASC Marie Murphy 89 ATDc/WTCH
3/17/12 RRVASC Elmer Willems 197 3rd/198 3rd 2 legs RAX
5/2012 RRVASC 197/1st RAX
1/2013 UMASC 1st RE leg
3/2012 RRVASC 2 Q's RE
5/13 RRVASC 2 Q's ( 198/runoff for HIT) 2 RM legs
5/13 UMASC Bob Myrick RTDs
6/13 OASC Roy Sage 125/ HIT 1st OFTDm leg
8/13 OASC David Clayton

Kathy Sianko




1st CDX leg

 handled to both by Melissa!

4/14 OK Working ASC Betty Williams 99/HITcattle OFTDc leg
5/14 RRVASC Ed Pfieffer 2nd CDX leg
10/19/14 RRVASC Harry Diggs 185/1st CDX