VCH WTCH A-Ch CarMel Cookies & Cream CGC CDX RTDsc DNA-CP

2003 Rescue Dog of the Year

Luzinski’s Bandit x  Dawnhill ‘s Trollhaven Sadie


Oreo got to play with sheep for his 16th birthday...I think he had fun!

Oreo and his girl Heather on his 14th Birthday 5/15/2011




Oreo’s Stats:

DOB: 5/15/97- 9/13/13 (AKC ILP'd/ASCA Hardshipped/UKC reg.)
Size: 22inches/50lbs
Sex: Male/neutered
Full Dentition/ Scissors Bite/Natural Ears
Coat: black bi with lots of freckles

Congratulation Heather and Oreo!

On June 24, 2007 Oreo went WD, BOW, BOS for a 3pt major to finish his

A-CH and VERSATILITY Championship!

Oreo is the only rescue aussie to accomplish this and Heather is the youngest handler at only 24 days past aging out of Juniors! Thank you judge Donna Rommelfanger!

Photo by Vicki Olson

Oreo is our rescue boy.  He has been Heather’s Jr handling dog, first stock and obedience dog, and first anything else asked of him. They have such  a wonderful bond and are inseparable. He was the 2004 ARPH Rescue Dog Of The Year and helped Heather achieve All-Around Jr in '03 & '04  He finished his WTCH September 23, 2005 under Ken Silveira,.  We searched for and found Oreo’s parents, so he is now hardshipped,.  He won his first major his firsr weekend out at seven years old and was only shown occasionally the rest of that year.  June 24, 2007 at ten years old Oreo finished his Altered Championship and Versatility Championship going WD, BOW, BOS over a special  along the way he accumulated over 40 points with numerous BOB's over multiple Top 5 altered specials(#1&#2) and Invitational winners.  Oreo is a HIT winner in both stock and obedience.  He is now retired except for occasional romps with Sara in Jr Stock (that is fun not work though) Oreo is also the lead dog of our sled team.  Oreo is a once in a life-time boy and a wonderful ambassador for Rescues Dogs everywhere. We are so proud of him!



Goofball                                              Having Fun at the 05' Nationals


coming soon
Working sheep at 11.5 03 Nationals O3 Nationals Standing Guard

Georgia Nationals 2005 (jump sequence by Workin' Dog Studio)

Spring 2007

November 2007~10.5 years old!







9/25/99 RRVASC Roy Sage 71 1st STDs leg
9/26/99 RRVASC Bob Blount 83 STDs
9/23/00 RRVASC Robert Carrillo 69 1st STDd leg
6/10/01 OASC Jerry Rowe 87 Most Promising Started Aussie 1st STDc leg
8/25/01 OASC Roger Stevens 88.5 1st OTDs leg
10/7/01 RRVASC Joan Carrillo 73 Most Promising Started Aussie 1st STDc leg
5/19/05 UMASC Char Gatz 183.5 CDX
6/9/02 OASC Bob Blount 99 OTDs
6/9/02 OASC Preston Kissman 72 STDc
8/24/02 OASC Ken Silveria 91 1st OTDd leg
8/25/02 OASC Roy Sage 104 OTDd
10/4/02 RRVASC Dana McKenzie 75 RTDc




WD/BOW (first weekend out)




Chuck Anderson

HIT Aussie (open ob.)


8/23/03 OASC Roger Stevens 101 1st OTDc leg
8/29/04 OASC Wally Butler 90 OTDc
5/04 RRVASC Heather Herron WD/BOW/BOS 3pts
7/17/04 UMASC Marie Murphy 89 1st ATDd leg
8/28/04 OASC John Rossy 90 ATDd
8/29/04 OASC Wally Butler 2 OTDc
8/29/04 OASC John Rossy 89 1st ATDs leg
9/24/04 RRVASC Russ Ford 4th 76 RTDs
6/05 OASC     ATDs




WD/BOW/BOB over Specials




Verna Kubic

WD/BOW/BOB over specials


8/05 OASC Bob Blount   1st ATDc leg
9/05 UMASC Ken Silveria 97 ATDc/Working Trial Champion!!




WD/BOW/BOB over multiple specials including #2 altered in nation




Sarah Sawyer(UKC)






WD/BOW/BOS over specials


6/24/07 RRVASC Donna Rommelfanger WD/BOW/BOS NEW Altered Champion AND Versatility Champion!!!!!!!
3/15/08 RRVASC SBJ Lori Aceirto BOS over major entries -
8/22/08 OASC SBJ Lori Aceirto BOB over top specials Happy Retirement Buddy!

O-E-O-WEEE- O!!!!!

12/18/10 UMASC BJ Clarissa Shank BOS Veteran over some "young'uns"/Best Adult Handler with Heather Just For Fun...he had a BLAST and showed like a dream.  All this After having laryngeal paralysis surgery 3 weeks prior!
12/19/10 UMASC BJ Heidi Mobley BOS Veteran Just the satisfaction of still being able to rock the ring at 13.5yo!