CarMel Candids

"Three Butts"

photo by Kathi Schwengel at the 2005 ASCA Nationals


At the Vet School "Dog Jog" September 2012 top 100 finishers

Kristi and Copper (quil's littermate), Ty, Smoke, and Jack (in his 3rd place costume!)

The CarMel Crew July 6th, 2011

VCH WTCH A-CH Oreo CDX RTDsc  (14 yo), A-Ch Rainie ATDds OTDc RTDc (13 yo), VCh WTCh Ch Ty CDX RTDsc (7 yo), Ch Quil STDds (1yo), WTCH Ch Smoke  (5 yo)


The dogs sledding winter January 2011

Yup, you are seeing right, that is a Lab in the mix!  Heathers boyfriend's Lab Sam hooked up with the team and did a great job.  It was also Quil's first time and she did great too....had to keep up with "her" boys after all!!  They were following a snowmobile to get the shots.



Rainie (12), Oreo (13), and Quil (1) after a show weekend...staying at Heather's college apartment

November 2007

On the Rock: Sara and her cats (Buttercup, Brie, Belle)                             Heather and the dogs: Ty, Desi, Oreo, Rainie, Smoke


Winter fun!

Ty and Oreo are in Lead while Rainie and Desi bring up the wheel position. 2006

Ty, Desi, Rainie 2007

Christmas Card shot 2010 L-R Belle the cat, Heather/Sara, Quil and Oreo with Heather, and Rainie/Smoke/Ty in the gator.  Quil wanted the toy in the first shot;-)

2006 Oreo, Heather, Ty, Rainie

Rainie 2010 at 12yo....wish I had that flexibility

Loot after a show: Smoke MPSA, Oreo Alt-BOB (11yo), and Ty HIT/HITA...Versatile boys!

Cruz at 15 (see past great page) with Heather

Ty and Quil with Heather and Jason at Devils Lake 2010

Ty at a college Halloween party...he really is "College dog Extraordinaire"...although fetching drinks out of the fridge may have something to do with that!

Oreo and Ty with some friends from the doggy daycare Heather worked at as an undergrad

Jason, Heather and Ty on a boat during a camping trip

Sheer ice + cancelled school + living on a steep hill= day of sliding down the hill without a sled and iceskating on the road!  With doggy help of course!


5 Month old Quil's Plot to disrupt a group Photo session....

Step one: tolerate 1 group photo

Step 2/3: Eat snow and/or walk away to seem innocent

Step 4: Suck up to the eldest.  He rules, and therefore, being in his good graces is crucial

Step 5: Attack Ty...he is easy and won't scold

Step 6: When Smoke makes a break for it go for his heels (notice the evil look on her face)

Step 7: Scatter the remaining group

Step 8: Step back and enjoy handy work.