Bragging Rights


October RRVASC

Smoke finished his CDX and Versatility Championship!

Jack earned his RA and a leg towards his RE


Ty earned his 1st AFTDm leg

Quil earned her final CDX leg and her Versatility Championship!

Heather finished Marie Murphy's girl "Khat"

New CH Diamond Aire Kentucky Wildkhat OTDdsc



May 2014

Ty finished his RM

Quil finished her RE

Jack earned two RA legs


April 2014

Smoke and Ty both earned their first OFTDc legs with 1st/HITcattle and 2nd respectively

March 2014

Ty-finished his RE, leg to RM

Smoke Finished his RM

October 2013

Quil Finished her WTCH!!!!

August 16/17/18 2013

Ty (115/4th), Smoke (110 with Melissa!), and Quil (116/3rd) all finished their OFTDm titles under David Clayton

Smoke (and Melissa) and Quil (HIT/HITA) earned CDX legs and Jack finished his CD

Quil's Loot for the Weekend:

BOB, BOS, HIT Cattle (first ATDc leg, over WTCH's), HIT/HITA for her 2nd CDX leg, Most Versatile Aussie (evaluation was 88.5/90) Pretty fun to get a BOB and HIT cattle under the same judge in the same weekend!
one leg to go for her WTCh, one to go for her VCH

Jacks first "big" weekend he earned his CD, STDs, and a started cattle leg. Had the highest started score saturday and the only other dog besides Quil to Q in both stock and obedience but alas, he is not an aussie so can't be MPSA or MVA;-)  He was one tuckered out Corgi!


August 3, 2013 RRVASC

New Champion HSR Smokin Boone

Thank you SBJ Mary Quam for Smoke's first Champion offspring from his first litter!


July 2013 27/28 OASC

Quil earned her ATDs in back to back runs with a 109/High in Trial Aussie on Saturday!

July 4/5 2013 Thatll Do ASC

Quil finished her OTDc and ATDd!

Jack got to be filler dog again and earned his first stock title STDd!

~June 2013 OASC shows/trials~

Ty, Quil, and Smoke earn their first Open Farm Trial Dog (mixed stock) legs

Smoke 125/HIT, Ty 119/3rd, Quil 114

Quil HIT Cattle for her first OTDc leg

Ty BOS under Sr. Breeder Judge Carol Ann Hartnagle at 9.5 years old over other male specials.  She said he is in OUTSTANDING physical condition...we agree;-)  He had a blast showing again and was full of himself trying to take photos as well...goofball.

~May 2013 UMASC Trial~  Thank you judge Bob Myrick

Smoke- RTDs

Quil- 1st OFTDs leg

Happy 16th Birthday to Oreo!  5/15/2013

He celebrated in style getting to play with his sheep.  He didn't miss a beat and even did takepen/repen on his own.  Thank you Kathi Schwengel for the pictures!



May 2013

Mom got to go play with Quil and Smoke this weekend while I studied for finals and was a rock star! Hasn't trialed in rally for a year and in obedience for about 5 years. She and Smoke earned two Rally Masters Q's, one with a 198/tie for High in Trial. She and Quil finished up Rally Advanced and bumped up to earn first Rally Excellent leg, and today first CDX leg! 5 Q's for the weekend, one title and started three more. Proud of them;-)

~March 2013 RRVASC~

Ty~ 2x RE legs including a 199/HIT/HITA

Smoke- RE title

Quil- 2 RA legs

Jack- 2 RNX Q's (title), 2nd CD leg (186.5/3rd place-still just winging it!)

We are also proud to announce that Ty's Daughter Abby attended her first obedience trial and earned a 190.5 which was good for HIT/HITA!!!!  She was fun to watch work at only a year old too!

Ty (Rally) and his Daughter Abby (obedience) both HIT/HITA



~February 2013 UKC~

Jack 4x BOB, 2x RBIS, 1xBIS

New UKC Altered Champion

~January 2013 UMASC~

Jack- 2nd RN leg, thrown into novice obedience due to Quil coming in heat (3 days to learn all the stays and a full recall) Qualifying score!

Smoke- 1st RE leg

~November 2012 UMASC~

Quil- CD

~Sept 2012 RRVASC~

Jack- 1st RNX leg 195

Ty- RAX title

Quil- RN title, 2nd CD leg

~Aug 2012 OASC~

Quil~ Finished her OTDd with a 107, taking HIT/HITA for her 1st CD leg with a 192.5, earning her STDc and first leg towards her ATDd, and an 86.5/90 conformation evaluation.  This all accumulated in her winning Most Versatile Aussie


Smoke's son Boone earned another 2 points towards his Championship (2 to go!)

~July 2012 RRVASC~

Ty took a Best of Breed under Judge Ron Giese

ribbons were left overs from Nationals so not the normal colors;-)

Boone took WD/BOW under Ron as well then took another 3pt major the following day!  4pts to go before Smoke has his first Champion offspring!


~May 2012 RRVASC~

Smoke and Mom finished his RAX!

~March 2012 RRVASC~

Ty 2 Q's in RAX and a 4th place (195/195)

Smoke 2 Q's in RAX both with 3rd places (197/198)

Smoke's son "Boone" (HRS's Smokin Boone) WD/BOW over 42 dogs/bitches!!!!

Thank you SBJ Anne Shope!

~October 2011 UMASC~



WTCH-Y weekend photo by Deb Conroy

~August 2011 OASC~

We had a great weekend! 

New Champion Diamond Aire New Moon "Quil"

Quil also made her debut in stock and Q'd 4/4 times to earn her STDds


Although not one of our dogs officially, we are proud to announce that Heather finished Wynona's Working Trial Championship as well this weekend!  She is now...

WTCH AKC GCh/ASCA Ch Buffcap Winter Rose OFTDs RTDc

Her herding titles were earned in 2.5 summers while juggling a heavy show schedule and with Heather in Training/trialing were very limited.  Congrats to her owner Brent Kindred!  She will always be part of the family;-)

~July 2011 UMASC~

Ty earned his first AFTDd leg with a 109/2nd place

Smoke finished his OFTDd with a 118 and HIT in tough competition!

Quil took 2 5pt reserves under breeder judges

Thank you judges Julie Humeston and Maartin Walter for these wins!!

July 2011 TDASC- Smoke earned his first AFTDs leg with a 104/2nd place (Thank you judge Tanya Wheeler) and Quil took a 3pt WB/BOW/BOB under Prov. BJ Karen MacDonald!  Thank you Monica Barger for showing her in Winners!

June 2011 RRVASC- HSR Smokn Boone "Boone" (a Smoke Son) took two Major RWD's

June 2011 UMASC-Ty finished his OFTDd with a 102/2nd place in a large class of exceptional dogs and "best gather" under judge Steve Shope


June 2011 OASC-Quil 4pt Major WB/BOW/BOB over specials!!! Thank you SBJ Lynn Hamon!!!

Photo Courtesy of Keechak Photography




March 2011 RRVASC-Quil 5pt Major at 18 months old!  Thank you SBJ Rick Gann!!!

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Photography

Quil has also taken 2 4pt reserves last few months!


2010 Year End Awards



2009 Year End Break-down



NEW ADDITION TO THE FAMILY! "Quil" will be adding to these pages in the future!

August 21st-23rd 2009 OASC show/trial. 

Smoke earned his RTDc with a third place in tough course conditions.  Most dogs didn't even make it out of the initial feedlot!

Smoke trialed in Advanced sheep and earned Q's both days earning his ATDs.  Sara also used Smoke on Sunday for her junior stock run and and they were fantastic, earning High working Junior.



June OASC 2009 Trial

The boys are starting off with a bang...first trial of the year and we couldn't have asked for more!

8/8 qualifying scores on stock runs, 5 new titles, one new Working Trial Champion, multiple HIT awards!

TY finished his WTCH on Saturday with a score of 101 and then earned an extra leg Sunday...just in case;-)

SMOKE qualified both days on cattle sheep and ducks to earn his OTDdsc.  He did it in style also getting a 114 and 107 in ducks which earned him HIT ducks, HIT aussie, HIT, High Combined Non-WTCH, and High Combined overall on Saturday!

Heather also put a 5pt major (5pts to go!) on Marie Murphy's black bi boy Clipper on Saturday.

We would also like to congratulate all of our friends who also had a great weekend finishing titles/CH's/and WTCH's! 

For the complete details please visit:

WOWSA this one is going to be a hard one to top....


2008 Year-End Awards....Another great year!

CarMel Kennel: Hall of Fame


Smoke: CD STDdsc

Ty finished his last CDX leg October 18, 2008 to and by doing so, also finished his VERSATILITY CHAMPIONSHIP!

Ty is our first Bred-By VCh and he is Heather's second dog (only a little more than a year after Oreo) to earn it!

This also finished made us ASCA HOF kennel #89!



August 2008 OASC show

Our Talented Boys bring home the ribbons

Smoke MPSAx2  (finished Started cattle/ducks/one leg sheep) Oreo A-BOB for his retirement show  Ty HIT/HITA Open A


2007 Year-End Awards (what a year for the CarMel Crew!)

Desi ~Hall of Fame Dam #241
Oreo~Altered Championship, Versatility Championship
Ty~Int'l and ASCA Championships, OTDdsc, ATDds
Smoke~ASCA Championship