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WTCH Diamond Aire Spooky Midnite Bells OFTDds RS-N JS-N GS-N


Spook is owned trained and loved by  Janina in Austria and is currently training for stockdog trials, agility, and obedience.  They are making an amazing team and she looks just like her mother!

1 year old...


Diamond Aire "Nova"

Owned and Loved by Courtney and Andy Ascher, WI

Nova is living in Whitewater, WI with good friends of Heather's and is co-0wned with Marie Murphy for a possible breeding back in the future.  We couldn't be more thrilled with her superb structure and perfect fit into her family's life.  If we can steal her away for some show weekends we think she would do very well. Nova is and exact 50/50 split of her sire and dam....exactly what we hoped for in this litter.

Photos (not the engagement photo) taken 12/14 at 1.5years old.  This was the first time we had seen her since puppyhood and she gladly gave us a tour of her farm.  She never placed a foot wrong the entire time- hitting perfect stacks and trotting cleanly and easily around the farm.  These photos don't even do her justice (first time being stacked, on leash she thought she was supposed to sit:)


Diamond Aire Whiskey Raider


Owned and Loved by Gary Winger, MN

photos at 8weeks, 5 months, 1 year


Diamond Aire "Shyla"

Owned and Loved by Tim Westphal

photos at 5 months