VCh WTCh Ch Diamond Aire New Moon RM CDX AFTDsm RTDs


Touchstone Call Me Charming  (Shreck) x  HOF WTCh Diamond Aire Solar Flare CGC CD OFTDs RTDsc (Britta)



Quil's Stats:

KL Schwengel

DOB: 8/2/09 (ASCA/AKC reg.)
Size: 20.5inches/ 38lbs
Sex: Female
Scissors Bite/Full Dentition
Coat: Blue Bi
OFA Hips/Elbows: Good/normal

Eyes Clear: 3/2013

HSF4: Normal/Normal

MDR1: Normal/Normal

                                Quil naked and on the move at the 2011 ASCA Nationals, baby Quil, Quil BOB from the classes



The Following Photos are by KL Schwengel at a Steve Shope clinic 2012



Quil Enjoy's boating/canoeing



Quil's relatives

Quil's Sire and Dam

Touchstone Call Me Charming  (Shreck) and  HOF WTCh Diamond Aire Solar Flare CGC CD OFTDs RTDsc (Britta)


Quil with her Dam HOF WTCH "Britta" and granddam Ling (WTCH Dancing Skies Total Eclipse CDX RTDc mjr ptd). Quil's great grandsire (ling's sire) is FUCH NUCH DUCH ASCA CH WTCH Diamond Aire Fast Track CD RTDc "Zyphr" so Quil comes from three generations of WTCh's.




HIT Cattle 6/13 under Roy Sage over WTCh's

1st OTDc leg

HIT Aussie 7/13 with a 109 for her first ATDs leg

HITcattle  (over WTCH's) 8/13 for her first ATDc leg under David Clayton.  Plus Most Versatile Aussie, BOB, BOS, and HIT/HITaussie for her 2nd CDX leg


Quil comes to us from Marie Murphy of Diamond Aire kennel and is already making her presence known! This little blue bi spitfire seems to possess her mothers exuberant outlook on life.  As a small puppy she was  fearless and would follow us anywhere and everywhere...not even blinking at new situations. She loves to play fetch and tug and will bring things back every time. Quil is also catching on quickly to clicker training and seems to be smart as a whip. Our goal is to help her become a thinking that doesn't rely on the handler for every command but instead is always trying to anticipate the next step and problem solve on their own. So far this is working out excellent and she learned a full dumbell retrieve by 7 months old quite by accident while staying with Heather at college for 2 weeks for socialization.  She found Smoke's dumbell and brought it to Heather who was in the kitchen doing dishes.  Heather praised her then put it back on the crate it came from, meanwhile grabbing the clicker/treats and walking back into the other room.  A few minutes later Quil came prancing back into the kitchen with it.  Click. Treat. and thats all it took to get her to realize we really like it when she brings us that "toy".  A few minutes tossing it (even into other rooms where it was basically a blind retrieve) and Quil had everything but a front/finish.  SMART;-)  Once real training started she earned her CD easily with a HIT/HITA and the weekend she finished her CD we decided to see how easy it would be to have her ready for open.  Well she did everything so learned it through osmosis by watching Smoke practice.  She will be trialing for her CDX with just a little polishing.  Hopefully leading to her VCH soon.

Quil isn't afraid to get into the middle of things on stock and has been a blast to work so far.  Heads and heels and is just EASY.  She earned her stock titles thus far with only getting to work a few times during the trial season and not practicing ducks at all with numerous 100+ scores. Quil finished her WTCh in two summers of trialing (with Heather in Vet school) and extremely limited access to stock between trials (esp cattle/ducks). She is relentless in chasing/heeling the boys to the point where Smoke now runs full bore and if he has to stop he immediately sits so she just bounces off of him instead of grabbing his hocks.  They always come in with slobbery heels. 


Quil's first time Swimming.  She LOVED it and followed the boys out to get the frisbee almost every time!

10 months old










9 Months (photos by Erin Fleming)

She is Cute and She knows it...just don't trust that sweet face.  It hides mischief!!


We love her gait so far!

O I know Im cute!


Quil getting some early spring work in during spring break.  She seemed to remember the little bit of work she had done the previous fall and even did a few baby drives.  She is very quiet and responsive, adjusting her position to the slightest changes in the handlers shoulders.


Baby Quil and Sara

Helping Sara clean up a TP job;-)



Quil's Show and Trial Results






8/22/10 OASC AKC judge Kathy Mackie RWB to 4pt major -
12/19/10 UMASC BJ  Heidi Mobley RWB to 4pt major -
3/19/11 RRVASC SBJ Rick Gann WB (20+  bitches) 5 point major
6/11/11 OASC SBJ Lynn Hamon WB/BOW/BOB 4pt major
7/1/11 TDASC Provisional BJ Karen McDonald WB/BOW/BOB 3pt major
7/23/11 UMASC Provisional BJ Julie Humeston RWB to 5pt major -
7/24/11 UMASC BJ Maartin Walter RWB to 5pt major -
8/20/11 OASC AKC Judge Kathy Mackai WB 3pt / NEW CHAMPION
8/20-21/11 OASC David Clayton/Mike Bryant 80/81 STDs
8/20-21/11 OASC David Clayton/Mike Bryant 69/81 (she accidently got whacked in the face by the stick so wasn't thrilled about trialing on the ducks..) STDd
10/2011 RRVASC     2 RN legs
7/2012 UMASC Marie Murphy/Becky Beckman 100+ scores minus the "duck punching" incident which was a "thank you" ;-) OTDs

1 OTDd leg

8/2012 OASC ? multiple 100+ scores

Most Versatile Aussie 86.5/90 eval

HIT/HITA -192.5 obedience



1 leg ATDd

1st CD leg

9/2012 RRVASC Sharon Elkins   RN

2nd CD leg

11/2012 UMASC     CD
3/2013 RRVASC     2 RA legs
5/2013 RRVASC     RA
5/2013 RRVASC     1st CDX & RE legs
5/2013 UMASC Bob Myrick   1st OFTDs leg
6/13 OASC Roy Sage 114 1st OFTDm leg
6/13 OASC Roy Sage High in Trial Cattle 1st OTDc leg
7/4/13 TDASC Wayne Kirby 99/1st OTDc
7/4/13 TDASC Wayne Kirby 97 ATDd
7/27/13 OASC Marie Murphy 109/HIT aussie 1st ATDs leg
7/28/13 OASC Becky Beckman 89 (whoops hormones caught up with her!) ATDs
8/16/13 OASC BJ David Clayton 116/3rd

Best of Breed

8/17/13 OASC AKC judge Lynn Klingbil BOS  
8/18/13 OASC David Clayton, SBJ Lisa Cameron-Bell, Kathy Sianko HIT cattle (96)

HIT/HIT aussie (obedience) (186)

Most Versatile Aussie (conf eval of 88.5/90)

1st ATDc leg

2nd CDX leg

10/19/13 UMASC Jim Hartnagle 88 WTCH/ATDc
5/14 UMASC   High in Ranch Trial RTDs/ OFTDs