BIS UKC A-Ch WTCh CarMel Captain Jack Sparrow





RJ's Maverick x RJ's Josey

The Token Pembroke Welsh Corgi AKA "Flat Dog"


Jack's Stats:
DOB: 7/10/2011
Neutered Male

AKC/UKC/ASCA Tracking registered

12 inches/28lbs
Black-headed Tri


Jack 1.5 years old first weekend out in UKC

New Champion

4xBOB, 2x RBIS, 1X BEST IN SHOW (altered)


How Jack came to be part of the CarMel Crew:

We have always liked the PWC's and Heather did extensive research on breeders throughout high school but decided to wait until after college (oh so many years of college!) before moving forward with that plan so we could focus on keeping up with our Aussies during limited time.  Heather had breeders narrowed down, specifically looking at breeders with proven dogs in working and conformation (there are VERY few Dual Ch's in the breed, most are related).

Fall 2011 Marie Murphy of Diamond Aire Aussies emailed us with a picture of a cute little boarding puppy she got in over Halloween....gosh was he a cutie!  Marie told them if they EVER needed a new home for him to contact her.  Spring 2012 we got another email from Marie with the pictures to the left saying 'look who's here permanently'.  Well, she knew what our reaction would be and after a test run on sheep to gauge his interest, Jack came to live with us June 2012 at eleven months old (same age as we got Oreo from rescue mind you). 

His previous owners couldn't find his litter registration papers/breeder info but through a series of ironic events Heather was able to backtrack his breeder through bits and pieces of leads and eventually an employer who had bought a corgi for his daughter two years prior from the same person.  We contacted the "breeder", got his litter information and were able to get him AKC registered and then got him UKC registered and a tracking number with ASCA.

So through an ironic turn of events we got our corgi from the same trusted breeder we have gotten our Aussies from through the years and have based our lines on.  We are forever thankful to Marie for our Aussies and now little Jack too.

Jack is smart (although slightly independent-possibly lack of direction as a youngster), rowdy, active, fun Fun FUN!  He catches on to new things within minutes and has fit in with the Aussies easily.  He gives them a run for their money.

He is melting hearts everywhere we go (at the UKC show, ASCA shows, public ect) and has not met anyone who has not turned into a puddle at his feet.  Cute goes a long way! We have been amazed at how many stock judges have stories about nice working corgi's from around the country and are excited to see him around the trials.  Hopefully he will someday make their books as a nice working "flat dog" (as Rachel Vest called him)

Jack finished his WTCH with several High in Trial awards and nice scores.  He is currently working on his UD and agility titles and will be competing in farm trials as they come up still.


The Following Photos are by KL Schwengel at a stock clinic Quil went to.  Everyone wanted to see what Jack had up his sleeves and so did we!  We had only had him for two weeks at this point, he was eleven months old.  Much promise was seen in these few minutes in the round pen.  He attempted a few take downs...tough guy!


On the Move and free stacked at 1 year old


Jack has won/placed ever costume contest he has entered, some with very large entries!  Rough N Tough Cowdog (in training)


Jack earning his first started cattle leg and STDs 8/13  Photos by Keechek Photography

Jack definitely bold!







10/2012 RRVASC Sharon Elkins 195 1st RNX leg
1/2013 UMASC Kathy Sianko 194

172 (thrown in with three days training because Quil came in heat)

2nd RN leg

1st CD leg

2/2013 UKC Misc Alt WD/BOBx4

Alt RBIS x 2

Alt BIS x 1

UKC Champion

in one weekend

3/2013 RRVASC   195x2/placements

186.5/3rd place


2nd CD leg

7/5/13 TDASC James Bergert/Wayne Kirby 75/1st



not bad for just being thrown in for "practice" after Quil finished her ATDd and didnt want to waste runs.  Will need a longer attention span for future training;-)

8/17-18/13 OASC David Clayton/Preston Kissman/Kathy Sianko all with 1sts/2nds in large classes STDs

1st STDc leg


May 2014 RRVASC   2 RA legs 2 RA legs
October 2015 RRVASC Harry Diggs 182/186 RA, 1st RE leg