ASCA Ch CarMel Dark Matter  RN BN TKN


Photo Courtesy John Beals Photography

DOB: 11/22/15 (ASCA/AKC reg.)
Size: Still growing
Sex: Male
Color:Black Bi
OFA Hips/Elbows: Good/normal

Eyes Clear: March 2018

HSF4: Normal/Normal via parentage

MDR1: Normal/Normal via parentage

"Dark matter is a hypothetical kind of matter that cannot be seen with telescopes, but accounts for most of the universe's mass. The existence and properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, on radiation, and on the universe's large-scale structure. Dark matter has not been directly detected, leaving it an astrophysical mystery."

AKA Dark, mysterious, and has gravitational pull. Seems to fit the bill:)

Carbon was shown once as a baby puppy and earned a BOSp and BOBp then didn't show again in ASCA until 15months old.  He  finished his ASCA Championship in one month (3 weekends) at 15 months old with 3 5pt majors. He also had a 5pt reserve and was pulled most shows for consideration for WD.  Carbon will be showing in AKC and start pursueing his performance career.  He is showing great promise and grit on stock.  Besides beauty and brains, this boy is really earning his biggest fans with his amazing temperment.  He is a big sweety and snuggler and but does carry the correct amount of aussie reserve without being shy.  He is spot on knowing appropriate times to love on everybody (at shows) vs when to alert to suspicious strangers (at home).

Photo Courtesy John Beals Photography

Photo Courtesy Sarah Kalkes

Photo Courtesy Thomas Photography

Carbon's Pedigree
 WTCH VCH CH Diamond Aire Midnite Smoke RM CDX AFTDsm OFTDd RTDsc 

owned by CarMel
HOF VCH WTCH CH Legends Boomvang CD RS-O JS-O GS-O
owned by Regatta Aussies
Ch Spring Fever Standing Ovation Ch Caledonias Crowd Pleaser
WTCH Ch Spring Fever's Whoopie Gal
Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD Ch Windegos Johnnie Walker Red
VCH WTCH Ch Lady Claugene Shope CDX
HOF WTCH CH Diamond Aire Midnite Mystique RTDs WTCH CH Diamond Aire Forever Blue RD RTDc
Bred by CarMel/Diamond Aire
owned by Diamond Aire
HOF Ch Diamond Aire St. Louis Showboat STDdsc
HOF CH Diamond Aireka CD
owned by CarMel
Markis Minnie Mouse Ch Diamond Aire Hey Jude CD ATDds STDc RD
Markis Sandy Sue
WTCH VCH CH Diamond Aire New Moon RM CDX AFTDsm RTDsc

owned by CarMel
Touchstone Call Me Charming Ch Touchstone Lightning Strikes Ch Touchstone Mercury Rising
Ch Diamond Aire Silver Showgirl
Touchstone Spirit Wind Mistretta Shadow Hawk
Executive Justice O'Touchstone
HOF WTCH Diamond Aire Solar Flare CD RTDsc CH Diamond Aire Rainbow's River OTDd STDs HOF Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
HOF CH Diamond Aire Shadowdancer CD STDc OTDs ATDd
WTCH Dancing Skies Total Eclipse CDX RTDsc WTCH NUCH DUCH FUCH ASCA CH Diamond Aire Fast Track CD RTDc
Falkland Danger Zone







11/16 IABCA Multiple All SG-1 (highest) Int'l/Natl puppy Ch
2/25/17 Michiana ASC SBJ Mary Quam RWD to 5pt major -
2/25/17 Michiana ASC BJ Erin Swain WD/BOS over several specials out of 12-15month class 5 point major
3/4/17 UMASC   WD/BOS out of BBX 5 point major
3/19/17 RRVASC BJ Kristin Henry-Walden WD 5pt Major- NEW ASCA CHAMPION